What better way to give students and their parents the information they need when choosing a college than to organize a college campus tour? It's easy to set up and is very rewarding. At IST Campus Tours, we understand that your schedule is demanding and your time is limited. We have designed a step-by-step process that's quick and easy!

Here's How Our Process Works
Step 1: Speak with your local IST Campus Tours sales representative.
Together you will develop a travel itinerary that meets your budget and travel desires.

Step 2: Receive a customized quote and itinerary.
Shortly after your initial meeting, you will receive a custom price quote from the IST Campus Tours corporate office. The price quote will detail your itinerary and all inclusions.

Step 3: Approve the price quote, set a deposit due date and payment plan.
Once you approve the price quote and sign the letter of intent, we will begin booking your travel arrangements.

Step 4: Customer Service Support
Once the letter of intent is signed, all questions can be directed to our corporate office.

Step 5: Distribute the registration forms and collect deposits.
IST Campus Tours will provide all of the necessary forms. All you need to do is get the materials into the hands of your students. This is also a good time for the school organizer to have a parent meeting to address any questions about the trip. Registration forms and deposit payment can be collected by the school and mailed in as a group or they can be sent in individually to IST Campus Tours. Speak with IST Campus Tours to find out what works best for you!

Step 6: Make Trip Payments
Payments can be made by each individual directly to IST Campus Tours corporate office or can be made in bulk by the school on behalf of all travelers. Our office can process individual invoices if requested.

Step 7: Trip Confirmation Binder
An IST Campus Tours binder will be sent to the lead chaperone a few days prior to departure. This will include the hotel and tour information as well as information on the campuses. A final itinerary, contact information and packing guidelines can also be included for distribution by the chaperone to the parents upon request.

Step 8: Travel!
Enjoy the trip with 24 hour support from the IST Campus Tours staff.

Step 9: Provide Feedback
Our goal is to consistently provide high quality campus tours for our student groups. In order to continuously improve our services, we like to hear from our group leaders to see what worked and what areas need improvement.